I am fascinated by the affects an artist's brush can have on a viewers reaction to an image. I have had opportunities to photograph the same scene captured with oil or water color on canvas or paper by gifted artists. When I compare my photograph with the artists rendition, it is astonishing how the different mediums can evoke entirely different emotional responses. In some cases, the photograph and the artist's rendition evoke equally pleasing, yet very different emotions. In other cases, one medium may diminish my initial appreciation when compared with the other. The size of the brush or weight of the paint influences the mood of the image. In working with Photoshop to apply the artistic characteristics of the artist's brush, I am often surprised that none of my efforts are pleasing and I abandon further attempts to manipulate the image. That original photograph will stand on its own. Some photographs wi only modest or minimal appeal may become favorites with the help of a digital paintbrush. The magic of the oil paint affect will often transform a favorite photograph into another favorite image, but with a very different impact. I now have two favorite images. In the "With and without oil paint affect" collection, are a few images that speak to the impact oil paint affects can have on a photographic image. Take note of the oil paint affect, especially on flowers and landscapes.

Mallard on the p;one