Who am I?

I am Raddad!

I am a retired physician with a love for photography that began as a 10 year old. After more than 50 years in the practice of medicine, specializing in radiology, I have found the time and opportunity to immerse myself in learning and applying the creative opportunities digital photography offers the amateur photographer. My mother was a prolific artist, applying her creative skills in oil and watercolor paints. She had a gift for expressing her visual perception of people and places that captured her imagination. I was perhaps more influenced by her art than I fully appreciated until the past few years. Photographing and applying post-capture image processing has awakened a passion for creative art that has been kept dormant through years of competing demands for my time and commitment. The opportunities to learn and grow in the art of photography are limitless. Opportunities to immediately apply what is learned are wonderfully rewarding. The images on this site include those with special meaning to me or those that have prompted friends and family members to express particular appreciation. It is my hope that you can find enjoyment, and perhaps inspiration in some of them. I am always pleased to hear from viewers and will be happy to discuss purchase of any of these images in a format or higher resolution that best suits your needs.


Bill Eklund, M.D., FACR